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We’re thrilled to announce that VGROUP has been acquired by integrated marketing services agency O&G. The VGROUP name and brand will be retained but now with a greater range of in-house services supporting our specialist branding offer, including web development, advertising and digital marketing.

If you have any questions, we’d love to talk them through with you. Otherwise, we look forward to supporting our clients in more ways than ever.

In 2009, Crunch’s affordable, user-friendly online service changed the accountancy game for good. The company has grown to become a top 100 accountancy firm with over 10,000 active customers and an offer that extends beyond accounting for small businesses and the self-employed.

During 2016, Crunch launched an extended series of products and services, from investments and pensions to mortgages and insurance. The business had fundamentally evolved. Its brand needed to as well.




A bold name like Crunch needs no frills. At the heart of the new identity, we put a confident, friendly, professional logo, with the versatility to use the ‘C’ as a favicon and social media icon.

The company’s passion and sense of fun is conveyed in the contemporary logo font and fresh colour palette.

With lots of white space, clear messaging and room to breathe, the identity breaks with the grey and boring image of accounting and communicates a vital energy to Crunch’s audience of free thinkers and entrepreneurs.




Passion red is, naturally, the first-choice colour, accented by blue and green, with white and dark grey used for text and icons.


Secondary COLOURS


The secondary palette of soft tints plays an important background role (much like any good accountant!).




Here’s a snapshot of the brand identity in action on their stationery… the roll-out continues across all their communications.

BrandLab™ from VGROUP

Workshops to re-energise your brand.

In this fast-moving world, we believe it’s worth taking time out to review your brand and how well it’s supporting your business goals.

To help you, we’ve created BrandLabs: time- and cost-effective workshops designed to re-energise your brand and deliver tangible business results.

To find out more, download our BrandLab information pack.




Recordsure helps organisations understand and optimise their customer interactions, bringing trust, transparency, and efficiency to every conversation. It’s difficult for organisations with a complex technical offer to articulate their brand essence. Recordsure is one such business. Their product is a step change from traditional call recording software, bringing sophisticated artificial intelligence and speech analytics into the mix.

After completing Recordsure’s re-brand, VGROUP were asked to design and develop an animation to introduce Recordsure’s three solutions – Capture, Classify and Assure. The sequence combines screen recordings of the key features alongside our developed suite of animated icons.

The animation can be seen on their new website and is a logical and striking evolution of the brand, expanding and catering to Recordsure’s prospects and exhibition needs. The sequence and collaboration was a joy to work on and we think you’ll agree, the animation more than makes the cut.

Recordsure’s animation can also be viewed here.

Watch CITMA’s video to find out how to navigate intellectual property law.Watch CITMA’s video to find out how to navigate intellectual property law.Watch CITMA’s video to find out how to navigate intellectual property law.SaveSave












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