74 01276 605800 | www.zehnder.co.uk 01276 605800 | www.zehnder.co.uk 75 The diagram below shows a bathroom divided into four clear zones: 0, 1, 2 and outside zones. Please note, the diagram is only a guide and is NOT to scale. Please refer to I.E.E Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008) for detailed information. Zone 0: Inside the bath. Zone 1: Area above bath / shower tray to a height of 2.25m. Minimum rating of IPX4 should be used unless water spray will be present. In this case, a rating of IPX5 should be used. Zone 2: Area stretching 0.6m from zone 1. Minimum rating of IPX4 should be used here. Outside Zones: No water spray is likely to be used here, therefore, no IP rating is required. IP Rating: “X” denotes level of security against dust particles. Second digit denotes level of “watertightness”. IPX5: Protected against low pressure water jets. IPX4: Protected against splashing water. Space under bath is Zone 1,if readily accessible N.B:The above diagram is only a guide and not to scale. Please refer to I.E.E.Wiring Regulations (BS 7671 :2008). This easy-to-use heat calculator can work out the heat requirements for your room. Stage 1 Take the room dimensions in metres Width m Length m Height m calculate the volume (W x L x H) = cubic metres Stage 2 Heating requirements per room type Living Room / Dining Room / Bathroom volume multiply volume as calculated in Stage 1 by 50 = Watts required Bedroom volume multiply volume as calculated in Stage 1 by 40 = Watts required Kitchen / Hallway volume multiply volume as calculated in Stage 1 by 30 = Watts required Stage 3 Other factors for consideration Is the property exposed? a Does the room have large areas of glazing? b Are the windows double glazed? c If factor ‘a’ applies, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 15% If factor ‘b’ applies, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 20% If factor ‘c’ applies, decrease the Watts required at Stage 2 by 10% If factor ‘a’ and ‘b’ apply, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 35% If factor ‘a’ and ‘c’ apply, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 5% If factor ‘b’ and ‘c’ apply, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 10% If factor ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ apply, increase the Watts required at Stage 2 by 25% Please note that this calculator is provided as a guide only. To convert Watts to BTUs, multiply by 3.412. For an approximate conversion from ∆T50°C to ∆T60°C, multiply the ∆T50°C output by 1.2. Heat loss calculator Terms & conditions A complete copy of the company’s terms and conditions of trading are available on our website www.zehnder.co.uk In addition to the Terms and Conditions, please note the following:  All delivery times quoted are estimates only. Prices quoted include free delivery to the UK mainland for radiators and towel rails. Orders for valves, fans, elements and accessories with a net order value under £100 are subject to a processing charge of £10 + VAT.    Returned goods for credit will only be accepted by prior arrangement (confirmed in writing), within 8 weeks of the date of despatch, where the goods are part of our stock range and where the goods are as fit for sale on their return as they were on delivery. If goods have been fitted this is deemed as acceptance of their quality. We cannot accept the return of non-stock goods.  Damaged products are to be reported to us within 3 days of delivery. Zehnder cannot be held responsible for any damage after onward delivery. Faulty products are to be reported to us as soon as possible. If the items have been installed, you are in acceptance of it's condition and Zehnder reserve the right to refuse credit.  You are responsible for ensuring the suitability, conformity and interoperability of the goods or indicative system design suggestions provided by us with your heating system and your design requirements. It is important that you undertake such verification with an appropriately qualified expert third party  Where a radiator is returned as no longer required and an alternative radiator is not ordered a 25% restocking fee plus a £10 administration fee will be charged (unless the goods were defective when delivered). If a radiator is no longer required but an alternative radiator is ordered, either a restocking fee of £25 or 25% of the value (whichever is the lower) will be charged, but the administration fee will be waived.  We warrant the goods for a period of 2 years for radiator electrical componentry and 3 years for extractor fans, from the date of delivery. The warranty is subject to correct installation to current standards/water treatments and use.  Radiators with steel components (other than stainless steel) must not be installed on a domestic hot water circuit. If a stainless steel or brass product is to be installed on the domestic hot water circuit, a check should be made with the local water authority to ensure that dezincification is not a common occurrence.  Artificially softened water should not be used to fill radiators. For FAQ radiator/water-related information, visit www.fernox.com.  All measurements given in this brochure are nominal dimensions only.  All brochures, catalogues and other promotional materials are to be treated as illustrative only. Their contents form no part of any contract between us and you should not rely on them in entering into any contract with us. Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any literature, quotation, price list, or other document issued by us will be subject to correction without liability being incurred by us.  All single point extract ventilation fans returned under warranty as 'faulty' will be subject to testing and inspection before a credit can be issued. Where no fault on the product(s) can be determined, or the failure of the product is attributed to factors specifically excluded under the warranty conditions, customers will be notified giving the reason for rejecting the claim. The product(s) may then either be returned to sender on payment of a delivery charge or disposed of by ourselves and no credit will apply. If no instruction is received within 10 working days of notification of rejection under warranty, the products will be disposed of. Please note that all product warranties are valid from the date of manufacture of the product as determined by the serial number printed on the product. Any product outside of this period will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Frequently asked questions Can I hang items on my electric radiator to dry? Electric towel drying radiators are designed for items such as towels to dry when placed on or over them. Living room electric radiators should not be used to hang items of clothing as this can cause overheating which may result in the electrical element burning out. What are Zehnder electric radiators filled with? Zehnder electric radiators are filled with oil* and will arrive ready to install and use within the home. How long is the cable supplied with Zehnder electric radiators? All electric radiators are supplied with a cable. >= 1 metre *with the exception of Zehnder Aura which is water and glycol (10%) filled. Bathroom zones OTHER INFORMATION OTHER INFORMATION