70 01276 605800 | www.zehnder.co.uk 01276 605800 | www.zehnder.co.uk 71 ECO DESIGN ECO DESIGN SUBE-150-045/GF TRAFFIC WHITE Eco Design Regulations for electric heating Since 1st January 2018, all electric local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU must comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This is one of the biggest changes the electric heating industry has experienced in decades. What exactly is Lot 20? The directive comes from: The European Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) “The aim of this legislation is to rule out inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping to achieve our national carbon reduction targets.” The Regulation will affect;  Storage heaters  Direct acting heaters  Portable heaters  Radiant heaters  Electric fires How does this change impact products? To comply with the Lot 20 Regulations, all local space heaters have to meet a minimum efficiency rating that is measured as a percentage. Electric radiators, infrared heaters and panel heaters are all classed as ‘fixed electric local space heaters’, and they must have at least a 38% efficiency rating if they have a nominal heat output above 250W. Towel warmers (less than 250W) are not included in the scope of the directive. As a result of these efficiency targets, products must include energy saving features such as better controls for end users. What are the benefits of this Directive? Overall, the aim of the directive is Energy Saving. It ensures more efficient electric radiators with following benefits; Cost Savings to the end user as the radiator will perform more effciently in the home  Carbon Emission Reduction helping protect our environment for the future Improved customisation and control for end users as a result of more interactive and programmable capabiliites in the products to help reduce unnuecessary energy wastage What about Zehnder electric products? As part of the changes, new features that offer benefit to end user to maximise efficiency and control will be included;  Low energy consumption when on stand-by  Programmable operation (weekly)  Open window detection  Presence Detection Electric heating control details are included on each product page. Zehnder Radio Frequency Control As part of the Eco Design Directive improvements, a Radio Frequency control is now available with a number of products offering;  Wireless control of radiator to end user - range of up to 30 metres in open space and up to 10 metres between rooms (one wall)  A choice of pre-set programmes - working from a set 'comfort temperature' by the end user  Full customisation of weekly programme e.g. choose comfort temperature and time during the day to work between eco and comfort settings. Showing wireless radio frequency pad for simple control and programming by end user.