6 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 7 Intermittent Extract Ventilation Fresh air Background ventilators Extract air Building Regulations Our intermittent fans comply with System 1 as outlined in Approved Document F 2010. Installed in each wet room throughout a property, they work intermittently (on and off) throughout the day as required via occupant control or through automatic sensing. All Greenwood fans comply with the airflow requirements as set out in current Building Regulations. The method Positioned in all wet rooms around the home, fans work intermittently, dependent on the control option selected, to extract stale or humid air. Typically, operation is via a light switch or pullcord and fans can include adjustable timers and automatic humidity sensors. Fresh air is supplied to the habitable rooms via background ventilators such as window vents. Building Regulations now call for high levels of background ventilation when using System 1 as the dwelling’s ventilation strategy. Key benefits 1.  A wide and varied range of products to suit any installation requirement. 2.  On-off ventilation through the day leads to low running costs. 3.  Low energy consumption. 4.  No over or under ventilation. 5.  Simple, traditional ventilation strategy. System 1: Background Ventilators and Intermittent Extract Fans Control options B/PC - Basic / Integral pull-cord Single speed Operation by pullcord, remote switch, light switch or sensor Neon running light (some models) T/TR - Timer / overrun timer Single speed Type 'T' operation by pullcord, light switch or remote switch Type 'TR' operation by light switch or remote switch Integral pullcord activates fan for preset overrun timer period Neon running light (some models) If wired into room light or remote switch, fan will operate when switch is on and then run for preset overrun timer period when room light or switch is turned off Adjustable overrun timer up to 30 mins Unique manual override with automatic shut off available (some models) SMT - Greenwood TimerSMART™ Single speed Operation by integral pullcord, remote switch or light switch Utilises duration of occupancy to determine overrun length See page 29 for full features and benefits HT/HTR - Humidistat with timer / overrun timer Single speed, automatic humidity sensing control Fan should operate when the RH% exceeds the preset activation point, e.g. 65%. When the RH is reduced back to the activation point, the overrun timer will continue to operate the fan for the preset time period to ensure the RH level is further reduced within the room and prevent “hunting’’. Sensor also features a set back facility to eliminate nighttime running Neon running light (some models) If wired into room light or remote switch, the fan will operate whilst in the on position, once the fan is switched off the overrun timer will run for the preset period Humidistat available 50–90% RH @ 20˚C  Adjustable overrun timer up to 30 mins SMHT - Greenwood HumidiSMART™ Single speed Operation by integral pullcord, remote switch or light switch Monitors RH levels to determine normal ambient humidity levels Ensures that the fan only goes into boost mode when a man-made spike in RH is detected See page 29/45 for full details MA - Dual speed humidistat timer Dual speed Automatic operation for slow speed and manual operation for normal speed Integral humidistat sensor operates fan at slow speed when RH% exceeds preset activation point, e.g. 65%) When RH is reduced to preset level, overrun timer continues fan at slow speed for preset period Manual operation by remote switch or light switch will operate fan at normal speed Humidistat adjustable between 50–90% RH @ 20˚C Adjustable overrun timer up to 30 mins A - Continuously running SF90A Dual speed – continuously running at trickle speed Operation between trickle/normal speed by pullcord/light/remote switch or humidity sensor P1 Single speed Operation by room light, remote switch or remote sensor Operation with clip-in TA Timer – If connected to room light, fan operates when light is on. When light is off, overrun timer will run for preset period Adjustable timer up to 30 mins PD1 Duplicate fan with second standby fan and motor SV - Safety Extra Low Voltage Provides an extra level of safety and protection Allows the fan to be installed safely within Zone 1 of a wet room when RCD is not present Separate remote transformer is supplied to be located outside of the wet room Mounting options Page no. B/PC T/TR SMT HT/HTR SMHT MA A SV Two room ventilation Bathroom & kitchen fan Omnique OF100GIP Wall/ window/ ceiling 11/27 • • • • Bathroom fans Samika LE100 Wall/ window/ ceiling* 8 • • • Select AXS100 Wall/ ceiling* 9 • • • • Select SF90 Wall/ window/ ceiling 15 • • • • • Select RF90 Wall/ ceiling 14 • • • P Fan Wall/ ceiling 13 • • • Elite EL100 Wall/ window/ ceiling* 12 • • • • Kitchen fans Samika LE150 Wall/ window/ ceiling* 19 • • • Select AXSK Wall* 20 • • Elite EL150 Wall/ window 21 • • *Termination via external wall or soffit, not a roof tile vent, see individual product page for details. INTERMITTENT EXTRACT VENTILATION INTERMITTENT EXTRACT VENTILATION