42 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 43 Heat Recovery Ventilation MVHR HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION (MVHR) HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION (MVHR) Vireo Range HR155WM/HR155CM/HR185WM The Vireo range of MVHR units are suitable for small and medium sized homes and offers excellent airflow and energy performance for new build dwellings. Loaded with SMART Technology,  Specific fan power as low as 0.60 w/l/s  Heat Recovery Efficiency up to 93%  Suitability for dwellings up to 120m2  Compact options which can be installed in standard kitchen cupboards (HR155WM)  Ceiling/Inline options (HR155CM)  Filtered Summer By-Pass  Supplied with G3 filters  Greenwood SMART Technology for efficient operation throughout the year  Simple set up with Greenwood CommissionSMART™ wizard Refer to individual product specifications at www.greenwood.co.uk ComfoAir Range CA160/CA180/CA200/CA350/ CAQ350/CAQ450/CAQ600 The ComfoAir Range of MVHR units are suitable for a wide range of dwelling sizes and offer outstanding heat recovery efficiency and innovative comfort features to ensure the delivery of good indoor air quality to the home.  Specific fan power as low as 0.53 w/l/s  Heat Recovery Efficiency as high as 96%  Suitable for dwellings up 350m2 (Q600 model)  Includes Passivhaus Accredited Models  Supplied with G4 Filters with optional F7  Filtered, modulating summer by pass technology (new ComfoAir Q Range) Refer to individual product specifications at www.greenwood.co.uk Building Regulations Our MVHR products comply with System 4 of the Building Regulations under supply and extract ventilation with Heat Recovery. These products are installed and run continuously between low and high speeds, supplying air to habitable rooms whilst extracting moist, stale air from wet rooms. The objective On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors so a constant supply of fresh air in the homes and buildings is vital to our health. New energy rules and regulations for new build and refurbished buildings means they have become more increasingly airtight, thereby making the provision of effective ventilation an essential element for today’s homes. The method As stale air is extracted from the wet rooms, up to 95% of the heat is recovered by the heat exchanger before the air is exhausted into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, fresh air is drawn from outside and filtered to remove pollutants then passed to the heat exchanger to take on the recovered heat before being supplied to the habitable rooms. In warmer months when heat recovery is not required, extracted air by-passes the heat exchanger but continues to be filtered before it enters the home. This ensures that a balanced whole house system is still provided. The outcome 1.  Balanced whole house ventilation. 2.  Constant supply of fresh, clean air Cost savings due to recycled heat use. 3.  No background ventilation required. 4.  Odours and contaminants are quickly removed from the dwelling. 5.  Year-round comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate. System 4: Continuous Supply & Extract Ventilation with Heat Recovery Heat Recovery Ventilations is the cutting edge energy efficient solution, which ensures indoor comfort all year around. The continued focus and drive to build highly insulated dwellings, Heat Recovery Ventilation remains the optimal solution for many homes for energy performance and the provision of good indoor air quality throughout the year. Exhaust air Intake air Supply air Extract air Heat Recovery Unit 42 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk