28 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 29 IP requirements For installations of fans in bathrooms and showers Greenwood SMART Technology Easier, better, smarter As a result of European standardisation, Amendment 1 of the 17th edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) came into effect in July 2011. This outlined the new zoning and ingress protection criteria for bathroom fans, having effect on product safety and installation location. To achieve IP ratings, fans are rigorously tested using a series of graded water tests. Location advice (i.e. zone 0, 1 or 2) ensures installers and users are not at risk of installing and operating products in unsuitable areas. Ingress Protection First Number Protection of equipment Ingress of solid objects 0 Non-protected 1 > 50mm diameter 2 > 12.5mm diameter 3 > 2.5mm diameter 4 > 1.0mm diameter 5 > Dust protected 6 > Dust tight Second Number Protection of persons Electrical safety 0 Non-protected 1 Vertically dripping 2 Dripping 15º tilted 3 Spraying 4 Splashing 5 Jetted 6 Power jetting 7 Temporary immersion 8 Continuous immersion Bathroom zones In addition to product safety, the standards have an effect on where products are located within the bath/shower room area. The standards clarify the current confusion regarding the siting of electrical appliances and reduce the risk to end users operating within these zones. The new regulations divide the location containing the bath or shower into three areas – zones 0, 1 and 2. The following descriptions are extracted from amendment 1 of the 17th addition of the IEE Wiring Regulations. Regulation 701.32.2 Description of zone 0. Zone 0 is the interior of the bath tub or shower basin. For showers without a basin, the height of zone 0 is 0.10m and its surface extent has the same horizontal extent as zone 1. Regulation 701.32.3 Description of zone 1. Zone 1 is limited by: i.  The finished floor level and the horizontal plane corresponding to the highest fixed shower head or water outlet or the horizontal plane lying 2.25m above the finished floor level, whichever is higher. ii.  The vertical surface: a)  Circumscribing the bath tub or shower basin. b)  At a distance of 1.20m from the centre point of the fixed water outlet on the wall or ceiling for showers without a basin. Zone 1 does not include zone 0. The space under the bath tub or shower basin is considered to be zone 1. However, if the space under the bath tub or shower basin is only accessible with a tool it is considered to be outside the zones. Regulation 701.32.4 Description of zone 2. Zone 2 is limited by: i.  The finished floor level and the horizontal plane corresponding to the highest fixed shower head or water outlet or the horizontal plane lying 2.25m above the finished floor level, whichever is higher. ii.  The vertical surface at the boundary of zone 1 and the parallel vertical surface at a distance of 0.60m from the zone 1 border. For showers without a basin, there is no zone 2 but an increased zone 1 is provided by the horizontal dimensions of 1.20m mentioned in Regulation 701.32.3(ii). Anything outside zones 0, 1 and 2 is treated as ‘outside of zones’, therefore has no IP requirement. IP ratings: IPX4 To achieve the electrical protection level equivalent to level 4, a fan is continuously sprayed with fine water jets for 10 minutes while constantly running. The fan is then left running for a further 10 minutes after which it is checked for water ingress. If siting IPX4 rated products in zone 0, additional protection may be required. Therefore, guidance within BS7671 should be followed. Zone 0 Zone 0 Zone 0 Outer Zone Outer Zone Outer Zone IP REQUIREMENTS Greenwood SMARTTechnology Greenwood HumidiSMART™ A revolutionary way of using humidity levels to provide effective ventilation in domestic properties all year round. Greenwood TimerSMART™ A logical approach to timer operation used in domestic ventilation fans and whole house systems – put a stop to nuisance running in the middle of the night! Greenwood CommissionSMART ™ Innovative design controls and features on Greenwood products that are simply there to make on- site set up and commissioning the easiest it can be. Greenwood CarbonSMART™ An innovative combination of the most efficient components and design means these products are among the top performing products in their class/ventilation method when compared against standard market alternatives. LO W ENERGY We have been designing SMARTer ventilation products and solutions for new and existing homes. 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