26 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 01276 408404 | www.greenwood.co.uk 27 CONTINUOUS EXTRACT VENTILATION CONTINUOUS EXTRACT VENTILATION Omnique OF100 The only low energy fan you'll ever need Features and benefits With outstanding energy performance, Omnique is loaded with Greenwood SMART Technology ensuring installer happiness and long term performance and reliability. Offering both continuous and intermittent running, Omnique is the only true multifunctional fan that caters for all refurbishment and new build projects.  Using as little as 1.1W in continuous running mode, Omnique costs less than a penny a day to run contributing to a reduction in fuel poverty in homes  Being a versatile 6-in-1 fan means that Omnique will comply with regulations for any home, every time  Omnique has been specifically designed to be maintained rather than replaced  Contractor costs for planned and responsive maintenance can be substantially reduced as Omnique’s multifunctionality is the perfect answer for any installation - inspection and installation can be completed in a single visit  The SMART technology in Omnique removes the need for tenant intervention and always ensures the optimal indoor environment  Omnique’s 100% variable airflow is ideal for installations where there are existing gas appliances as the airflow rates can be reduced and tailored as necessary  The highly robust window kit for Omnique has been designed in conjunction with the people responsible for advising on secure products in housing and has been awarded the Secured by Design Accreditation 196 117 227 Ø99 35.5 196 117 227 Ø99 35.5 Energy efficiency within all areas of housing stock is a cornerstone of Government policy. This policy has led to an increasing number of demands being placed on housing providers and their housing stock to meet a variety of targets. Models, control options and key data Product code Control operation IP Voltage Preset Speed Airflow performance (l/s) Sound Pressure Level dB(A)* Energy consumption (W) Price ex. VAT (£) Bathroom (default) Kitchen (default) Min Max OF100GIP Multifunctional fan with automatic Greenwood HumidiSMART™ sensing and Greenwood TimerSMART™ overrun options (set-up at installation) X4 220-240V or 24V DC when converted to SELV mode Low 6 8 7 1.1 3* *Maximum energy consumption for continuous mode £171.07 OF100SBD Secured by Design multi functional 100mm SMART fan and window kit Multifunctional fan with automatic Greenwood HumidiSMART™ sensing and Greenwood TimerSMART™ overrun options (set-up at installation) and window kit High 8 13 19 £209.63 Ancillaries for Omnique OF100 EG1 page 49 FF100 Fastfix page 48 GG42 page 49 Flexiduct page 48 PFA (picture frame adaptor) page 49 *Sound pressure level measured @ 3 metres Physical specification All measurements in millimetres unless otherwise indicated Weight: 1.4kg Materials: White gloss finish ABS plastic manufacture Installation Wiring: Must comply with IEE Regulations Fuse:  3 amp normally required (when fan is supplied from a 6A lighting circuit no local fuse is required) Electrical 220–240V~50Hz Class II specification: SELV Conversion Class III Glazing: Suitable for 4-28mm Glazing hole ø 118-130mm Application: Wall / window / ceiling Cable: ø 1mm2 max Consumption: Min 1.1W Max 25.8W Performance 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Airflow l/s Static Pressure Pa 250 200 150 100 50 0 Key Maximum Manual airflow volume setting Default settings 6 functions from just one product 1. Continuous running mode 2. Pullcord control 3. Intermittent running mode 4. Greenwood TimerSMART™ control 5. Greenwood HumidiSMART™ control 6.  SELV – Safety extra low voltage option The UK’s first and only Secured by Design Accredited window fan Intruder proof Privacy design GIP: ventilation performance LO W ENERGY Greenwood SMART Technology Window kit models and key data Ø Glazing hole (mm) Glazing thickness (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) 118 up to 28 192 222 68 0.5 COMPLIES WITH SYSTEM 3 SUITABLE FOR ZONE 1 AND 2 Omnique picture frame adaptor Material: White satin finish, ABS plastic Designed to provide a perfect aesthetic finish when an Omnique fan is used as a replacement in existing Ø 150mm wall installations. Product code Width Height Depth Price ex. VAT (£) PFAOF100 256mm 287mm 23mm £28.08 5 5